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Help save the youth of America… Please!

Posted by thoughtful1 on April 7, 2007

Well, I am sure the parents of East Greenwich, RI were just thrilled to read these articles the other morning:

Teen violence, sex and drug use exposed
School officials, police say parents need to seize control

Holy cow. That is just disturbing on several levels. First, EW! Second, lovely attitude towards sex. I’m sure the parents of those involved must be so proud… not. Third, I hate to think of what this says about the boys’ attitudes towards girls and women, and the girls’ attitudes towards themselves.

‘Twould appear that someone could use the OWL program, a values-based relationship and sex ed program created by the UUs and Congregationalists.

[Btw, when putting this post together I found the urls to be goofy. There are actually three articles, but two seem to have the same url…! So I just linked to two urls. Not sure if the second url will consistently give the main article or the associated editorial.]


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