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Sim City is evil… Or I’m just weak

Posted by thoughtful1 on April 8, 2007

So, did I watch Battlestar Galactica tonight like I had planned? No.

Did I watch L&O Criminal Intent like I planned? No.

Did I finish cleaning up after having people over? No.

Instead, I got sucked into playing SimCity. I had planned to play for an hour starting at 8. 9 PM came, and I thought, “Well, ‘Eye of Jupiter’ was a good episode, but it had the stupid Lee-Kara-Dualla-Anders quadrangle, so I’ll just keep playing.’ Then 10 PM came, and I thought, ‘Screw it. It’s the weekend. I’ll keep playing.”

It is now 1:41 AM. (Happy Easter, btw.) It was 11 PM at one point, and now it’s past 1 AM. That is SimCity for you. It just puts you in a time warp, and you keeping thinking, “One more zone. I want to watch things build. I want to tweak this bit over here. I want to…” And then you realize it is light years past your bedtime. And, what stinks, is that as usual, the game crashed on me. I was saving it fairly regularly so this wouldn’t happen, but it still crashed. I take it as a sign that I need to stop and go to bed.

I just hope I saved it after my city got enough high wealth residents for me to get the solar power plant. If the next time I play I find out I saved it before, I’ll be bummed.

And I need to learn to just stop playing when I plan on stop playing.

Do you think I should restart the game to check where I left off?  (Sad, I know. )


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