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Oh fooey

Posted by thoughtful1 on April 17, 2007

I forgot to go to Stop and Shop to get the contact rewetting drops I left there last night. And now it is 10:30 PM, raining out, and I’m in my comfy-staying-in clothes. Poop. I’ll have to go get them tomorrow.

Yes, I know, I could grab my wallet, put on a coat and shoes and go to the store with my receipt and politely explain that I paid for them but left them on the conveyor belt thingy. And, if I did go tonight my story would carry more weight since it’s the day after. Not that I expect the Stop and Shops folks to be all Big City Suspicious with me – we’re not in the big city. And I look 10 years younger than I actually am, which also gives me an innocent and trustworthy look.

But, as I said before, it’s late, it’s raining, and I’m all comfy.  I’m just annoyed with myself for spacing on this errand until now.


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