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Sometimes, I am an idiot

Posted by thoughtful1 on May 11, 2007

It was hot yesterday. My bedroom was close to 80 degrees, and it wasn’t much cooler outside. Plus, it was a little on the humid side. So I decided to turn on the upstairs central AC just long enough to cool the room down a few degrees. I flipped the switch and then headed downstairs to watch TV.

About 6 hours later, because I gave in to playing SimCity, I went upstairs to go to bed. The AC was still chugging but it was now warmer. At first I thought the freon needed to be recharged or something. Then I remembered:

The cover was still on the condenser.


I turned off the AC, went outside and took the cover off. It had puffed up from the exhaust air trying to escape, and it was very warm. Frak.

I went back inside, puttered around a little in the kitchen to give the condenser some time to cool off. Then I turned the upstairs AC back on. This time, it actually cooled the bedroom down.

So I guess I didn’t damage my AC…. Or I hope I didn’t. In the meantime, I just used a whole lotta electricity for nothing.



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