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My hands are beginning to look “old”

Posted by thoughtful1 on May 14, 2007

My hands are beginning to look “old.” I noticed it today at work. It’s the skin. It’s drier. I looked down at the back of my hand and I could clearly see those little line the form tiny diamonds. And the skin looked saggier. Not that I always had smooth, taut skin on my hands. The skin was always saggy and wrinkly around the knuckles, but now it’s saggy and wrinkly on the back back of the hand as well.

So I am aging, and my skin is getting drier. I already drink 8 glasses of water a day. I do this because it’s supposed to be good for you – keep you hydrated. But my skin is still getting drier. Perhaps I should get a different hand lotion? It used to be I only needed lotion in the winter. But now I need it in the summer.

Or maybe all the water I’m drinking to be healthy is making me go to the bathroom more often is the problem. After all, I wash my hands each time, which dries them out. Aaa… health and beauty – you’re supposed to be compatible, dagnabbit.


5 Responses to “My hands are beginning to look “old””

  1. I hear ya, sister.

    I was looking at my hands while driving the other day. They’re looking older. Drier, scaley…this despite daily slatherings of hand creme. It isn’t helping apparently.

    My left hand is so leathery looking that it should have “Wilson” stamped across the top of it.

    Here’s to moisturzing!

  2. Jay said

    How old are you?

    I ask this because I too noticed this diomond look you are referring to the problem with this is that im only 23 years old and my hands are wrinkled, my veins are also more visable my tendons and bones in my hand are more visable, i am losing strength in my hands, they are skinnier the same thing is happening on my feet If you are near my age I would like to hear back from you because I know I have some sort of disorder because my condition worsens as every day that passes and it only started about 2 months ago. please reply

  3. I’m 36, so my aging is normal, and it’s much slower than what you are describing.

    You should see a doctor. I hope whatever it is it’s easily treatable.

  4. Chrissy said

    I am only 19 and i also have the same problem, my hands look too old and wrinkled, it makes me very self aware and i dont like people to see my hands, i think i should really go to doctors and see if it is treatable.

  5. Lauren said

    Im only 13 and i have the same problem. My hand are dry and wrinkly. Everyone at school asks why my hand are like that and i never know what to say. HELP!!!!!!!!

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