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Note to self: factor car maintenance into the budget

Posted by thoughtful1 on May 31, 2007

Ouch.  Tomorrow I am going to get hit with a four digit car repair bill.  Expensive pieces of my air conditioning need to be replaced.  I was leaking freon into the air, and as an eco-conscious UU I would feel guilty if I didn’t do something about that.

Plus, at 36, I cannot tolerate hot weather like I could when I was 20.  Thinking about how uncomfortable I was this past weekend driving around in hot weather with a car that was blowing cool air on me, I am amazed that in college I drove around Southern Virginia in August and May w/o AC in my car.

So tomorrow the car should be done, and I can add a few more dollars towards my GM rebate on some future car purchase.  I just looked at my budget to see how I am going to pay for all this.  It looks like I will have to ease up on my savings plan.  *sigh*  And I’ll have to stop eating out as much.  I was really good – I brought my lunch almost every day.  Then the weather got nice, and I wanted to go outside.  Then I started having lunch with the co-workers.  And no I’ve been spending more than I wanted on lunch.  Starting next week I’m going to try to be better about making my lunch.

Anyhoo, the result of this is when I make my budget for 2009, instead of assuming I won’t have some yucky car maintenance, I will factor it in.

And perhaps I should start wondering if I should consider buying a new car.  My current car is 11 years old, so that would be an argument for buying a new one.  I take public transportation, so I am not dependent on the car for work.  I just need it for running errands.   So those are arguments against.  Plus, I don’t really want to take out a car loan right now.  Hmm.  Maybe I’ll just keep an eye on things for the next year or two.


One Response to “Note to self: factor car maintenance into the budget”

  1. john said

    Nice blog! Well repair bills can really be expensive. I can relate to that. Just a week ago, I had several parts replaced like fuel pump, gmc catalytic converter and muffler. I paid a big amount for the said replacement. sighs.. Unfortunately my car is at the shop again for some problems again and I’m running out of ideas what could be wrong this time. I’m thinking of buying a new one, but due to financial problem I couldn’t afford to buy at this time. Maybe in the coming years and for now I’m only praying that my car would be fixed so that I can use it again.

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