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I found her!

Posted by thoughtful1 on June 7, 2007

I found someone I’ve been looking for – a co-worker from my days when I was a retail manger trainee. We lost touch after we each got placed in different stores (in different states). This was before either of us were online, making it harder to stay in touch. It didn’t help that she has a very common name. Tonight I logged into and did a search for her name and age. Luckily she posted not only her high school, but also her picture, so I know it’s her!

I tried sending her an e-mail via, but to do so you need the premium membership. I’ll give a shot at finding her e-mail or snail mail with what I have so far before paying money.

Update: Talk about good timing.  I took a closer look at her profile.  She created a account yesterday. 🙂

I’m so excited! She’s one of those people I felt bad about losing touch with, and I haven’t stayed in touch with anyone from those days. Yay!


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