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Beware what you find on MySpace

Posted by thoughtful1 on June 8, 2007

No, I didn’t find anything perverse. Just the page of a crush from 9th grade. The shocker was the photos.

He’s still good looking, but aging. And that freaked me out a little. He’s getting crow’s feet, and I think his hair is thinning. He’s starting to look his age. Well, his is looking his age… I just didn’t want to say that at first.

And me? I got carded when buying liquor Memorial Day weekend. I shouldn’t complain. I still look like I did in college, with the exception of ten extra pounds around the belly, and fine lines on my nose that no one else notices but me. Hell, maybe I still look like I did in high school.

But, seeing pictures of former classmates and friends from way back when still throws me for a loop. It’s like when I’m up high. I don’t feel queasy until I either look down, look across. When I look across and see things like telephone wires or clifftops, I am reminded of just how high off the ground I am, and I get scared. Same here. Looking at my face everyday in the mirror does nothing. I have a few strands of grey hair, but they’re in hiding. And I have to look closely to see the fine lines forming. I don’t have my age staring back at me. I just have the occasional itchy reminder that my skin is drying to tell me I’m aging. But seeing my age in the friends of those from my childhood and teenaged years spells it all out for me. It tells me how far I’ve come and where I am.

And I am at that point where things are going to start going downhill.


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