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Good thing I bought a condo

Posted by thoughtful1 on June 8, 2007

It’s a good thing I bought a condo because I’ve discovered, or re-discovered, that I do not like gardening.

I bought some planters and flowers for my deck.  I think it’s nice to have a nice set of flowers for the summer.  However, I did not enjoy planting them.  Or running around looking for the damn planters.  Or constantly running out of soil and having to buy more.  Or getting eaten by mosquitoes as I planted the last set before it rains tomorrow.

My life would be miserable if I had to deal with an entire fucking yard.

But, I should have known all this.  When I was a pre-teen I would spend summers with my grandparents.  My grandmother would have me weed.  I remember sweating and sneezing out in the hot sun as gave myself leg cramps squatting in front of  rows of marigolds and shrubbery grabbing every bit of weed I could find.  That should have been a sign.

Oddly, I did enjoy watering my grandparents’ pachysandra (sp?).  I pretended it was some miniature rain forest, or an alien world, and it was raining.  I dunno – I like watering things.  It’s the digging in dirt I don’t enjoy.


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