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A summertime frame of mind

Posted by thoughtful1 on June 10, 2007

Summer is arriving.  The weather is warm and pleasant.  And I need to lose weight to fit into my shorts.

But, along with, um, slight body image issues, comes a slight ditziness.  Something about the sun and warm temps makes me a little space shot.  And I’m not even lounging around out on the deck.  However, some sort of latent instinct left over from school is telling me to slow down, let the household chores go, and just hang out.  So I’ve been forgetting stuff and letting things slide.  But today it hit me that in one week I’ll be headed out to Portland, OR for GA, which means I need to figure out what to pack, etc.  I haven’t even fished out my summer clothes yet.  I think this also means I may need to accelerate my weight loss/fitness program, especially if I want to splash around in the hotel pool.

And, at some point, I need to find my sunglasses.  They are seriously MIA.


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