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Holiday in Portland

Posted by thoughtful1 on June 20, 2007

Posts may be light this week – I am in Portland for the Unitarian Universalist General Assembly, a.k.a., GA. Fortunately, my GA roomie brought her laptop and has internet access in the room, so I can check e-mail and blog a little. However, once GA starts free time will be in short supply, so I may not be able to blog as much. Another blog impediment, if you will, is that her laptop is a Mac. I am not used to Macs. So figuring out mundane things like using hot keys to cut and paste is a challenge.

Anyhoo, I did some sightseeing yesterday. I went to both the Chinese Garden and the Japanese Garden. Each was delightful! I highly recommend them. Also, the light rail system here is very nice, and cheap! And, people here are very friendly. And willing to talk to strangers. And they even help strangers! It’s very nice, but for me, also a little odd. Remember, I grew up in Massholia.


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