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I need to find a new hair moisturizer

Posted by thoughtful1 on June 28, 2007

I’ve been using Neutrogena’s 60 Second Hair Repair for several years.  I use it twice a week and it helps to prevent split ends.  I really like the product.  When I bought a new tube at Stop & Shop today I saw that they had marked it as “discontinued.”

Nooooooo!  Why is it that stuff I like gets discontinued???

Now I have to find a new moisturizer thingy that will do its job without greasing up my hair.  Very annoying.  Maybe I can find something at The Body Shop and at least be PC about it.  Of course, they’ll probably discontinue whatever I like as well.


(Maybe I’ll be lucky and it’s only Stop & Shop that’s discontinuing the product.  But, since I couldn’t find the stuff at Shaw’s or CVS I doubt it.)


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