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Post-holiday funk

Posted by thoughtful1 on June 28, 2007

I returned from Portland on Tuesday morning. I took a red-eye out. I hate red-eyes. I can never sleep well on a plane. So, Tuesday was a bust since I ended up sleeping most of the day. Yesterday I ran errands, sort of. I went shopping – I finally found some skirts. I bought two Land’s End Chino Skirts at Sears. The problem, though, is they didn’t have them in petite, so they’re a little longer than they should be. I may take them to get hemmed. *ponder* Today I slept in, exercised, then puttered around before going grocery shopping.

I’ve been home three days and I still haven’t unpacked from my trip. As usual, I am in a post-holiday funk. The fun is over. General Assembly was fun and informative, but tiring. I’ve returned from the pretty, altered reality of vacation in Portland to the dull, cluttered reality of my life. I have bills to pay, luggage to unpack, and major decluttering to do. I still haven’t unpacked from moving last summer and I really should try to finish that up. I told myself I’d do it this week, or at least make some headway. And, I haven’t. So now on top of the post-holiday funk I feel guilty for not following through on my plans. All while trying to readjust my inner clock in preparation for the loud, scary 6:30 AM alarm clock on Monday morning.

Oh, and I need to remember that tonight is trash night. Especially since I had lamb chops last night and I don’t want those to sit in the garbage for a week.


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