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That was…. different.

Posted by thoughtful1 on August 7, 2007

I went shopping on Sunday. I was browsing the racks for this and that and happily enjoying the Andrew Sisters type music being played in the store. In fact, I thought it was the Andrew Sisters because the song was one of their standards. And then, it got weird…. The next song started playing, performed by the same musical group. Only it wasn’t a nostalgic WW II era song. No – it was a rendition of Kate Bush’s “Heathcliff.”

I had to stop and listen to it to make sure I wasn’t hallucinating. I wasn’t. I can’t say I enjoyed the version – it was just too freaking bizarre.

“Heathcliff” was then followed by a Andrew Sisters type version of “Panic” by The Smiths.

It was very… strange.


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