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Where’d the time go?

Posted by thoughtful1 on April 17, 2008

Oops… I knew I had been lazy with the blog, but I didn’t realize this much time had passed. Doh!

I think I went inter hibernation for the winter. I just felt tired, and a bit depressed. I think I am going through some stuff right – working through some issues from my adoption and my parents’ divorce. Good times! 😛

But, spring is finally here. I wore a skirt today since it was warmer. I paid for it at the end of the day when it got colder… But I don’t care. The sun was out! It was above 50! Happiness!

The ironic thing is that I’ve been having “deep thoughts” these past few months. I’ve come up with things I could write about here. I just never got around to it…. I’m ashamed to admit that part of the problem is I’ve been messing around on Facebook too much. But I think it’s more a symptom of me working through some things… Or avoiding working through things 😉 I will, however, try to be a better blogger.

Oh, and I am a new owner of a Blackberry Pearl 8120. It is my new, shiny toy. I like it very much 😀


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