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late night on the T

Posted by thoughtful1 on April 20, 2008

I’m sitting on the last T car for my line. And, since we are at a major station we’re sitting here waiting for another line to come in so people can make the transfer.

One of the passengers is a talkative gay man. And he’s chatting with the straight folks. Thank goodness there are some extraverts, otherwise we’d just be sitting here in total silences. Especially since, according to the gay guy who knows the intricacies of the MBTA, we could sit here for another 20 minutes.

It’s interesting to see the late night crowd. A few 30 something men are wearing suits – must have been on a fancy date or at an upscale club… Not that I’m an expert on late night crowds. The chatty guy got off from work, and everyone else must have been doing more mundane things… Or not as fancy.  Oh, and there are a handful of Sox fans.  Must have hung out in a bar after the game.

Looks like the other line has come in. We should be moving soon.


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