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Stick it

Posted by thoughtful1 on November 10, 2008

After vacuuming the condo with a cannister vac several times the past few weeks (yes, I am trying to keep house better), I’ve decided that I need to get a stick vac.  Lugging the cannister around, up and down the stairs, has gotten old.  Very old.  And I remembered why my mom hates cannisters – they crash into the furniture.  So it appears that I should just leave the freaking thing in the basement where I have carpeting and purchase a lighter vac for the other floors where it’s hardwood.

I started researching which one to buy today.  First hit was a Dirt Devil Jaguar Power Stick that looked promising – HEPA filter and only $40.  But, the reviews on Epinions were mixed, which gives me pause.  Second was the Bissell FeatherWeight.  That has the advantage of converting to a hand vac for the furniture, as well as confirmation that I could tilt all the way down to the floor for vacuuming under the bed.  But, no HEPA filter.  Next stick vac I looked at was the Hoover Flair.  But, once again, no HEPA.  And it has a filter that you need to clean.  I used to have a Hoover hand vac with a similar filter.  After a while it just gets gross.

So I took a look at the high end.  Dyson doesn’t make a stick vac, but Miele does, for $240-400.  And I’d have to truck out to a specialty store to look at one.  However, it has some nice features in addition to the HEPA filter.  It has onboard storage for the different attachments, something that was missing from one of the stick vacs mentioned above.

Of course, one may question why spend so much money on a stick vac.  After all, the stick vac would be used for regular cleaning while I break out the larger, adult vac for the heavy duty stuff.  True, in theory things would work that way, but they won’t.  For starters, two thirds of my home are hardwood, thus I’d be cleaning two thirds of my home with the stick vac.  I’d like it to suck up as much dirt as possible.  Further, while I don’t own cats, I do cat sit.  For long haired cats.  Who shed.  And like to go everywhere. So in the long run, it would probably be worth it to invest in a serious vacuum.

Plus, a friend has serious cat allergies and after a few hours in my place he has trouble breathing, even though the cats have been gone for weeks.  (And, yes, I vacuumed.)  This prompted me to research cat dander.  It turns out it gets everywhere – the floors, the furniture, the clothes, the walls….  And it sticks around for months.


But back to the Miele.  Taking a closer look, I see that it not only has cleaning power, but kick ass design.  In addition to the HEPA and onboard accessory storage, the Miele has a 26′ power cord, adjustable height for the user’s comfort, and can convert to a hand vac (this last item is from a third party website, not Miele’s own site, which is odd).  All of these are pretty smart features.

Thus, do I pay for function only, or for design?

I’m leaning towards paying for design.  But maybe after I brown bag my lunch for a bit.

And I should probably stop researching vacuums and actually go vacuum…..


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