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Yes, Virginia, you need a file cabinet.

Posted by thoughtful1 on December 1, 2008

Last night a friend was explaining to me that I need storage.  Basically, part of my problem is that I don’t have a dedicated place to Put Stuff.  Especially papers.  He told me I have to buy a file cabinet.  I haven’t bought a file cabinet because I already had milk crates for filing, and I was waiting until I had a better idea of how I wanted my office space to be before I purchased a file cabinet.

I was dead wrong.  I am now realizing that my frugality and my perfectionism were working against me.  I need a file cabinet, even if it’s a cheap one from Target.

And here’s why: I don’t file things right away.  I pile.  The larger problem is I pile stuff on top of the milk crate. The result is that I end up with a pile of papers and junk on the files, making it that much harder for me to actually, um, file.  If I had a cabinet, I’d probably still pile crap on top, but at least I could just open a drawer and begin filing stuff rather than having to move the pile or go through it all to get to the file folders.

That was my big revelation today.

So later this week I will head out to Target and get a cheap file cabinet.


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