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Ooo… I can blog via BlackBerry

Posted by thoughtful1 on April 17, 2008

Okay… WordPress has a mobile site, which means I can blog with my new toy :). However, more frequent postings with the BlackBerry would mean lots more typos and weird ass words as the smarttype picks the wrong word.

But it would give me something to do while waiting for the T. And I could do some “Woman on the street” posts, where I talk about odd stuff that happens as I’m out and about.


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Where’d the time go?

Posted by thoughtful1 on April 17, 2008

Oops… I knew I had been lazy with the blog, but I didn’t realize this much time had passed. Doh!

I think I went inter hibernation for the winter. I just felt tired, and a bit depressed. I think I am going through some stuff right – working through some issues from my adoption and my parents’ divorce. Good times! 😛

But, spring is finally here. I wore a skirt today since it was warmer. I paid for it at the end of the day when it got colder… But I don’t care. The sun was out! It was above 50! Happiness!

The ironic thing is that I’ve been having “deep thoughts” these past few months. I’ve come up with things I could write about here. I just never got around to it…. I’m ashamed to admit that part of the problem is I’ve been messing around on Facebook too much. But I think it’s more a symptom of me working through some things… Or avoiding working through things 😉 I will, however, try to be a better blogger.

Oh, and I am a new owner of a Blackberry Pearl 8120. It is my new, shiny toy. I like it very much 😀

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Where I’ve been

Posted by thoughtful1 on August 28, 2007

I have somehow stumbled upon a social life!  One week, I was out every night after work.  It’s fun, it’s exciting, and it’s damn tiring, especially for an introvert like myself.

I have managed to tame things down a bit – still hanging out with people, but now I have the added pressure of taking care of some family business.  So, the next week or so will still be busy for me.  And, I’ll be starting a computer class next week, which means I’ll have homework 😛

At some point I’ll get this time management thing down… Someday.

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Been kinda out of it…

Posted by thoughtful1 on July 30, 2007

Eep.  It’s been a while since I wrote anything.  Sorry.  Big reason is that I’ve been unusually busy the past two weeks or so.  This week should be lighter, and I plan on having a nothing weekend to recuperate.  As well as to organize my bills and such.  My checkbook is a mess, and I am long overdue on updating my accounts and switching from MS Money to Moneydance.   Blech.

That, and I really should unpack my stuff.  It’s been over a year since I moved.  Maybe if I unpacked my stuff I’d start to feel like a grown-up.  Or maybe that’s why I haven’t unpacked – I don’t want to grow-up 😉

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Holiday in Portland

Posted by thoughtful1 on June 20, 2007

Posts may be light this week – I am in Portland for the Unitarian Universalist General Assembly, a.k.a., GA. Fortunately, my GA roomie brought her laptop and has internet access in the room, so I can check e-mail and blog a little. However, once GA starts free time will be in short supply, so I may not be able to blog as much. Another blog impediment, if you will, is that her laptop is a Mac. I am not used to Macs. So figuring out mundane things like using hot keys to cut and paste is a challenge.

Anyhoo, I did some sightseeing yesterday. I went to both the Chinese Garden and the Japanese Garden. Each was delightful! I highly recommend them. Also, the light rail system here is very nice, and cheap! And, people here are very friendly. And willing to talk to strangers. And they even help strangers! It’s very nice, but for me, also a little odd. Remember, I grew up in Massholia.

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WordPress emoticon test

Posted by thoughtful1 on May 29, 2007

OK, before I spam Kinsi’s comments trying to get the emoticon that expresses my emotion correctly, I’ll just test them out here:

:+) 🙂

:+D 😀

:+P 😛

:+p :p

:+| 😐

8+) 8)

:+\ :\

:+/ :/

:+d :d

:+O :O

:+o 😮

;+) 😉

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Blogging: The new time sink

Posted by thoughtful1 on April 17, 2007

It’s Wednesday already – 12:08 by the computer clock, which is slower than the cable box clock.  Hmm.

Time for me to go  to bed.  I guess I could have gone out and gotten the eye drops I left at the grocery store last night, but then I wouldn’t have written in my blog 🙂

And, I think I needed to write what I did about Cho Seung-Hui.  I just needed to put my thoughts in order.

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