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New allergies

Posted by thoughtful1 on December 1, 2008

I think I am allergic to dogs.

I went to a neighbors tonight to ask a question.  Her dog very excitedly jumped all over me and licked my chin.  I don’t like it when dogs do this.  I prefer mellow dogs.  But, at least the dog didn’t smell my privates 😛

Anyway, after a few minutes I noticed I was getting itchy bumps on my chin.  I took this as a sign that I am now mildly allergic to dogs.  I’d never had a problem with them before, but now I seem to.  I find this annoying.  I’m not a big dog fan, but any allergy is inconvenient.  I just hope it doesn’t get worse as I get older.

Even more problematic is that for the past few years I began to think I may have developed a mild allergy to cats.  When I am around my mother’s cats I notice that for the first day or two I have itchy eyes.  It goes away, and it’s a very mild symptom, but it’s a symptom nonetheless.  Given that my mom loves cats, this would be a real pain in the neck if I become seriously allergic to cats.  That, and I have a few friends who own cats.


At least the new pet allergies aren’t as problematic as my fruit allergy.  As an adult I became allergic to raw apples, pears, plums, peaches, and cherries, to name a few.  When I eat them I get itchy bumps on my lips and a burning sensation in my throat.  It turns out that if you’re allergic to pollen you’re prone to developing allergies to fruit from pollen bearing trees.  This means my fruit intake is restricted to watermelon, bananas, oranges, and berries.  And I suppose the occasional kiwi or pineapple.

However, I was happy to discover a few months ago that I can eat Asian pears from Whole Foods without any problem.  I had tried the Asian pears from Super 88 last year, and I had an allergic reaction.  So when I was over somebody’s place and he offered me an Asian pear, I was worried I’d have a reaction, but I didn’t.  He had bought them at Whole Foods.  I don’t know if it’s because they’re organic.  I’ve tried organic apples before and had an allergic reaction.  I don’t know what would make Whole Foods Asian pears nonallergenic, but they seem to be.  At least for me.


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My Chinese horoscope was right…

Posted by thoughtful1 on September 26, 2007

My horoscope warned that my plans for the day would be chucked out the window due to unforeseen events.

And they were.  I had planned on a quiet evening at home.  Instead, when I got home I made the horrible discovery that sometime after leaving home for work I lost my keys.  I knew I had them on me because the front door deadbolt was locked.  Crap.  So I trudged back to the subway and retraced my steps, stopping along the way ask subway employs and office building employees if anyone had turned in a set of lost keys.

No dice.

I got back to my desk thinking maybe they fell out of my pocket there and are in the cubicle area.

No dice.

At some point I thought that maybe I could check my home voice mail in case someone found them.  Then it slipped my mind.  Plus, I thought the odds of that were pretty slim.

I headed back home after stopping to get something to eat.  I arrived home at 9:20 PM.  I checked my voice mail.  There was a message from the local library.  Someone had found my keys and returned them to the library since my library card fob is on the key chain.

Happiness!!  Except, the library is now CLOSED.  So I will have to wait until 10 AM TOMORROW to get them.

So I figure I’ll just call the locksmith and get my keys in the morning.

I did consider calling some friends to see if I could crash on their couch, then I thought, “You are being too cheap.”

Well, as you might have guessed, after forking over an uncomfortable amount to the locksmith for getting me in and replacing the high security deadbolt he had to destroy, I’m thinking I should’ve crashed on someone’s couch.


On the other hand, there’s nothing like a hot shower in your own bathroom in the morning.  And I can work from home tomorrow morning before picking up the keys, which will be a trek since the car keys are on the same key chain and I will have to hoof it to the library.

At the very least, I know I need to craft a way to keep a spare key someplace safe but outside my home sooner rather than later.  The silly thing is, I always thought I would lock myself out by accidentally closing the door, not losing the damn keys somewhere.

And, more importantly, thank goodness the keys are not completely lost.  Replacing the car key would have been a pain in the ass….

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We have a sprinkler

Posted by thoughtful1 on September 11, 2007

There is something quite troubling occurring in Corporate America, or at least my little area of it.

We have a sprinkler.  Or, more accurately, we have a sprayer.

Someone on my floor at the office has been sprinkling on the seats.  Usually it’s a few definitely yellow drops on the seat.  But, every now and then, I walk into a stall and it looks like a fucking she-rhino sprayed the back wall to mark it as hers.


Big, yellow drops of urine all on the BACK of the toilet seat.  The back?  It’s as if some guy walked in there and decided to hose down the place.  But this happens in the middle of the day.  During office hours.  When someone would notice David, Mark, or Paul walking out of the Ladies.

It wouldn’t be a male-to-female transgendered person because, well, a male-to-female transgendered person would act female and SIT DOWN, not stand.

But, honestly, how the hell does a human female spray the back of the toilet set with her urine?  How? Does she have some screwed up sense of space that she thinks squatting near the back of the seat will improve her aim?  Uh, no, sweetie – you squat over the middle.  Place your pee hole over the wide part of the bowl….

And, if, by some misfortune this woman suffers some sort of anatomical disorder that she cannot urinate accurately into the bowl and ends up messing up the seat, then please, for love of decency’s sake, clean up after yourself!

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Will the people with the clipboards please go away?

Posted by thoughtful1 on July 18, 2007

As I avoided the Save The Children people with clipboards who were trying to engage Boston commuters, tourists, and other assorted pedestrians in some meaningful conversation leading up to a donation or something, I wondered:

Would it be a form of internalized racism if I pretended I didn’t speak English to avoid talking to these people?

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I need to find a new hair moisturizer

Posted by thoughtful1 on June 28, 2007

I’ve been using Neutrogena’s 60 Second Hair Repair for several years.  I use it twice a week and it helps to prevent split ends.  I really like the product.  When I bought a new tube at Stop & Shop today I saw that they had marked it as “discontinued.”

Nooooooo!  Why is it that stuff I like gets discontinued???

Now I have to find a new moisturizer thingy that will do its job without greasing up my hair.  Very annoying.  Maybe I can find something at The Body Shop and at least be PC about it.  Of course, they’ll probably discontinue whatever I like as well.


(Maybe I’ll be lucky and it’s only Stop & Shop that’s discontinuing the product.  But, since I couldn’t find the stuff at Shaw’s or CVS I doubt it.)

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Is the plain khaki skirt dead?

Posted by thoughtful1 on June 16, 2007

For the love of God am I going to have to drive to freakin’ Freeport to buy a damn skirt?

I spent today looking for a skirt. A simple, beige skirt, like the one I bought from Eddie Bauer three years ago. A black version would have been fine, too; ditto for navy. I couldn’t find one.

I got close. Sears in Burlington had the Land’s End chino trouser skirt in black, but not in my size. *sigh*

I went to Macy’s, Lord & Taylor, Eddie Bauer, and Kohl’s. The skirts were either too casual, too formal, too fussy, or too much money. (There was a lovely Ralph Lauren floral print thing. But it was over $100. And not on sale.) At Kohl’s I noticed that skorts and long shorts outnumbered skirts. What is up with that? Why do I want to wear a ridiculously long pair of shorts? I can’t wear them to work. And the skort? Too short for work, and too many layers for hot weather.

I tried LL Bean in Burlington the other night. No dice. Their website has a few skirts that are the exact style I am looking for, but they do not have any of them in their store. And, unlike Land’s End, I need to try on the skirts first. (Well, actually, I need to do the same for Land’s End due to some recent weight gain, but Land’s End sizes have always fit me better.)

So, unless I score the Land’s End chino trouser skirt at the Sears in Saugus, it looks like I’ll be making a day trip to Freeport, ME to buy a skirt from LL Bean.

Damn annoying.

(Some of you may be wondering why I am so particular about the skirt style. First, I have that right 🙂 Second, I don’t like using a purse or pocketbook. I keep my wallet, money, and keys in my pocket. Thus, I prefer skirts with useful pockets. Third, I wear my skirts like pants – I’ll wear the same one more than once per week, but “dress up” the outfit with different shirts. It’s just easier for me that way. And I like plain skirts – I think it gives a cleaner look. The patterns I saw in the stores were too busy, too loud, not my style, and more than a few were too reminiscent of the 70’s. Eek.)

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Good thing I bought a condo

Posted by thoughtful1 on June 8, 2007

It’s a good thing I bought a condo because I’ve discovered, or re-discovered, that I do not like gardening.

I bought some planters and flowers for my deck.  I think it’s nice to have a nice set of flowers for the summer.  However, I did not enjoy planting them.  Or running around looking for the damn planters.  Or constantly running out of soil and having to buy more.  Or getting eaten by mosquitoes as I planted the last set before it rains tomorrow.

My life would be miserable if I had to deal with an entire fucking yard.

But, I should have known all this.  When I was a pre-teen I would spend summers with my grandparents.  My grandmother would have me weed.  I remember sweating and sneezing out in the hot sun as gave myself leg cramps squatting in front of  rows of marigolds and shrubbery grabbing every bit of weed I could find.  That should have been a sign.

Oddly, I did enjoy watering my grandparents’ pachysandra (sp?).  I pretended it was some miniature rain forest, or an alien world, and it was raining.  I dunno – I like watering things.  It’s the digging in dirt I don’t enjoy.

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Gobfather update

Posted by thoughtful1 on May 25, 2007

A while ago I complained that I could no longer find Ben & Jerry’s Gobfather ice cream.

Well, much to my happiness, I found some!! And it was on sale!! Happy happy joy joy!!

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Yet another weather complaint

Posted by thoughtful1 on May 18, 2007

A week ago I was the moron who turned on her central air without taking the cover off.

This morning I turned the heat on.  In case the condo temp dropped down below 60.  The thermostat was at 63 when I woke up.  Why?  Because it is 41 degrees and raining outside.

Mother Earth, please make up your mind!  And please don’t flood any part of my state.  We had enough fun with that last May.

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Everyone is a family [bullshit]

Posted by thoughtful1 on May 7, 2007

Kinsi wrote a post on his blog Spirituality and Sunflowers that reminded me of something that struck me as crapola:

Everyone is a family, even single people.

This was in response to my usual complaint about how at times my congregation forgets that we have non-families, and that using the term “family” tends to excludes those of us who are single. I was told that one person counts as a family.


It’s a well-intentioned stab at inclusion, but I’m not buying it.

When you hear the word, “family,” do you imagine a single thirysomething professional woman eating dinner in front of her TV? Do you imagine a 60 year-old confirmed bachelor cleaning his bathroom? Do you imagine a twentysomething male-to-female transgendered person staring at the MBTA schedule and wondering how the hell she’s going to get to Logan airport in time for a 6 AM flight without forking over $$ to a cab? No, you don’t. You imagine a household with children and teens and the adults who care for them. You do not imagine single people.

Saying that single people count as one family is just a nice little way for family folks to feel like they’re including us when they’re really forgetting about us.


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