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That Asian hair thing

Posted by thoughtful1 on July 8, 2007

Does having an Asian hairdresser cut your Asian hair really make a difference?

Several years ago I found out that some Korean adoptees went to Korean hairdressers because we have hair that’s different from white people.  I thought, “Bullshit.”  Seriously, I thought it was some lameass way for KADs to make themselves feel special.  However, I began noticing that some did have coarser, wiry hair.  So I thought, “OK, maybe there is such a thing as Asian hair, but my hair’s not like that.”

Then, last week I had lunch with the Asian co-workers.  For some reason, hair cuts came up.  Both of the co-workers went to a salon in Chinatown because of the “Asian hair thing.”  Yet, neither of them has what I would think was wiry, coarse, hard to manage hair.  But, since I was with two “real” Asians as opposed to the adopted “fake” Asians, I asked if it really did make a difference getting your hair cut by an Asian hairdresser.

Both of them said it did matter.  Unfortunately, there wasn’t enough time to get more details on this.  But, the end result was that I spent the rest of the day paranoid that I had an inadequate haircut, and had been getting inadequate haircuts for 36 years.  I was back in junior high mode, fretting about my hair and whether I was a mega-dork.

I also started to wonder if I should try a haircut at this salon.  The problem, though, is that it’s more expensive than Supercuts 🙂  And, I’d feel guilty.  I’ve been going to the same woman for nearly 10 years.  I’d feel like I was betraying her by trying someone new.  Silly, I know, especially since I get my hair cut twice a year.  But us women develop a loyalty to our hairdressers, and I just wouldn’t feel right.


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Make love, not war!

Posted by thoughtful1 on June 15, 2007

You have got to be frakking kidding me.  Our federal government has been overrun by idiots.  Read here for the latest on making a gay bomb.  Yes, you read that correctly.  Is this the new Manhattan Project?

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My hands are beginning to look “old”

Posted by thoughtful1 on May 14, 2007

My hands are beginning to look “old.” I noticed it today at work. It’s the skin. It’s drier. I looked down at the back of my hand and I could clearly see those little line the form tiny diamonds. And the skin looked saggier. Not that I always had smooth, taut skin on my hands. The skin was always saggy and wrinkly around the knuckles, but now it’s saggy and wrinkly on the back back of the hand as well.

So I am aging, and my skin is getting drier. I already drink 8 glasses of water a day. I do this because it’s supposed to be good for you – keep you hydrated. But my skin is still getting drier. Perhaps I should get a different hand lotion? It used to be I only needed lotion in the winter. But now I need it in the summer.

Or maybe all the water I’m drinking to be healthy is making me go to the bathroom more often is the problem. After all, I wash my hands each time, which dries them out. Aaa… health and beauty – you’re supposed to be compatible, dagnabbit.

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Any dessert for Lily Bart?

Posted by thoughtful1 on April 6, 2007

I was making dolly bars tonight, and as I was spreading the graham cracker crumb and butter mixture in the bottom of the pan, I wondered who created dolly bars and when. And, because I’ve had Edit Wharton and House of Mirth on the brain, I wondered if the Lily Barts of the time ever got to experience the tasty goodness of a dolly bar.

I’m guessing not.

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